Tom Runty's Port Huron    

        This one was found in the weeds by Tom Runty.   Initially, he new that the boiler needed a new barrel, along with a complete engine restoration.  After getting it apart, it was decided that the best course was a new fire-box and complete dismantlement to assure that all areas needing repair were found.   This insured that the goal of the original 175# pressure allowance would be met.  At present, boiler has passed 265# Hydro & Final Inspection, and engine is operating.

        The other Port Huron belongs to Neil Drummer    It needed a new front tube sheet and tubes.  After removal of the old tube sheet, severe pitting was discovered in the bottom of the barrel.  Since we were making one barrel, we decided to go for two.  It also needed replacement of part of the crown sheet.  Replacement of the rear tube sheet was added because of the access allowed with the removal of the barrel. Go to Neal's Photos